Dean's Message

Message From the Dean of the faculty

Jahan University founded in 1391 is a place where academic excellence is a tradition, teaching a passion and, lifelong learning a habit. Jahan University (JU) is one of the oldest and largest university at surrounded market. Our university offers specialized programs like BBA, B.Sc Economics. The mission of these programs is to create business leaders who can promote economic development of the country by establishing three-way association between the academia, the industry and the community. All the faculty members of Jahan University have academic background from national and international universities Afghanistan, India, turkia, or equivalent universities. Majority of our faculty have both a Ph.D. and years of experience in the business world. They are continuously publishing articles in international and national peer reviewed journals. Academic knowledge, research findings and business experience are blended by the faculties to produce future leaders in Jahan University . We consistently design and update our curriculum according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) International universities association the highest accreditation body of Jahan University in the Afghanistan. As a result our graduates are flourishing in the business world as executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and pioneers of changes as well as in the government sector and also in the academic area. We are dedicated to achieving academic excellence in the Jahan University. So join us for a unique and quality educational experience to build your future. Sincerely Aziz Ahmad (Hala) Dean of management Science faculty