Directorate of Student Affairs

Objective: The aim of student affairs management is to solve the problems of students and raise up the capacity and educational level of university students.

Function and responsibilities:

  • Providing the long and short term plan for relevant department.
  • Preparing different seminars for students under different titles.
  • Distribution of seminars’ cards for participants.
  • Arrangement of attendance sheet for getting complete introduction of participants.
  • Arrangement of reports for seminars.
  • Arrangement of session book of students’ delegations with the head of the university.
  • University’s head sessions arrangement with student’s delegations.
  • Holding discipline session with different students in different issues.
  • Providing and distribution of evaluation forms from students’ lessons.
  • Distribution of clearance form for the settlement of students’ accounts of (financial, students, library, documents and departments.
  • Survey for students’ petition.
  • Arrangements of number transcript of students
  • Arrangement of announcement, installing them on boards and announce them for students
  • Providing inquiry for students to get two year/four years marks
  • Holding short term training course for students in English computer etc.
  • Collaborating in arrangement and regulating the program before students’ graduation.
  • Collaboration is issuing and publishing of university’s magazine
  • Awareness of students for providing video clips for the announcement and
  • publications of university and their active participation in making these clips. Participation in students’ council.
  • Arrangement of seminars for students
  • Providing and arrangement of lectures’ attendance sheet.
  • Collaboration will all departments according to criteria.
  • Providing the introduction book of seniors of classes.