معرفی محصلان به وزارت محترم اقتصاد جهت سپری‌نمودن دورهٔ کارآموزی

پوهنتون جهان همواره در صدد این بوده که توانسته باشد زمینهٔ کارهای عملی را برای محصلان خویش در نهادهای دولتی و خصوصی فراهم نماید که خوشبختانه دوشنبه مؤرخ ۱۴۰۲/۰۳/۰۱ خورشیدی به تعداد ۲۰ تن از محصلان پوهنځی اقتصاد به وزارت محترم اقتصاد جهت اجرای دورهٔ کارآموزی معرفی گردید، این روند جهت رشد محصلان در ساحهٔ عملی در کنار دروس تیوری ادامه دارد.


به مناسبت هفتهٔ کتاب، نمایشگاه کتاب درپوهنتون جهان برگزار گردید

نمایشگاه یادشده بتاریخ ۱۴۰۲/۲/۲۷ توسط هیأت رهبری، مسؤولین مربوطه وعلاقمندان کتاب در تالارکنفرانسهای پوهنتون جهان افتتاح گردید که در آن بخشهایی از انتشارات کتاب که در شهر کابل فعالیت دارند نیز اشتراک نمودند.

از نمایشگاه مذکور تعداد زیادی از اساتید و محصلان بازدید به عمل آورده واین نمایشگاه بمدت دوروز به روی محصلان پوهنتون جهان باز میباشد.

این نمایشگاه به ابتکار کمیتهٔ فرهنگی و ورزشی و هیأت رهبری پوهنتون جهان جهت ترویچ فرهنگ کتابخوانی وگرامیداشت از هفتهٔ کتاب تدویریافت.


Research Strategy

Improving high-quality research is a necessary requirement for creating successful position in academic world. The main objectives of Research Department are: To build research careers, internationalization of human potential, support to strengthen the knowledge foundation and promote the creation of new ideas blended with cognitive and creative approaches, as well as societal impact of education, research and innovation.


The vision for Jahan University’s future with regards to research will serve as a framework for the concrete direction in the area of research for the strategic plan 2017-2022 and will guide every aspect of research by defining what the University needs to accomplish in order to achieve sustainable quality growth in research areas. It is the living, breathing heart of the University.


The mission is defined as a creation of a pervasive research culture across all academic disciplines and to achieve a leading position in the region within areas that are of national importance, bySustainable development and effective use of the University infrastructure and human resources.Continuous improvement of supporting frameworks by implementing best practices, perfectionism, creativity, transparency, sustainability.Promotion and development of multidisciplinary research initiatives to create a fully integrated knowledge society and make significant contributions to the social and economic development of Jahan University and its environment.

Research Department History in Jahan University

Development and enhancement of the Institute’s research capacities.Motivate all Faculties to pursue research in their respective areas of expertise.The protection and commercialization of the University’s intellectual property.Consultancy activities related to R&D.Provision of research and development opportunities for academic staff to maintain enthusiasm, awareness of current scholarship and relevance in teaching and other Institutional activities.The development of infrastructure conducive to promoting the quality and quantity of research and development.Disbursement of Institute Research Funds to established researchers, both individually and in groups.Promote emerging areas of research and development.Development of mechanisms conducive to the best possible ways of engaging and motivating research staff.To monitor and enhance the quality of research programmers, projects and the research infrastructure within Institute, including the training of research scholars.To be responsible for progression of research scholars.To foster the development of multi-disciplinary research endeavors across Faculties and departments.Monitor the research and development performance of individuals, groups, Centers, Schools and Faculties to encourage excellence and productivity through maintaining a database of research and development activities.To formulate incentive schemes for promoting research activities with teachers and students/scholars.


Admission Schedule

Jahan University is registered in ministry of higher education of Afghanistan, in the faculties of (Law and Political Science, Islamic law, economics and computer science) students admit. This institute accepts the students through the entry exam twice in year (spring semester and fall semester). Bachelor program accepts students, that the program covers four years and has eight semesters and in each semester is sixteen (16) weeks of lessons and three (3) weeks of examinations.


How to Apply

To enroll at Jahan University you need to follow the steps beneath: Application Guide will help prospective students in preparing an application for all programs offered by the Jahan University.

Step 1 Visit the university website or pick information brochures from the Jahan University Student Information Centers location in Karte-Now Campuses.
Step 2 Review and select the appropriate program of study based on the university prospectus.
Step 3 Fill out the admission form and complete the required documents.
Step 4 Submit the completed documents to the Admission Office in Karte-Now campus.
Step 5 Take the entry test for the selected program.
Step 6 Participate in the admission interview upon successfully passing the test.
Step 7 Register for the courses and pay the required tuition fees.
Step 8 Participate in the student orientation program so as get acquainted with university environment.


به اساس تفاهم نامه های که میان پوهنتون جهان و پوهنتون های Symbiosis International (Deemed University) (VGU)Vevik Kananda Global Universityهندوستان به امضأ رسیده است که بر مبنای آن یک تعداد بورسیه های رایگان مقطع ماستری را به فارغان سمستر خزانی سال ۱۳۹۸ خورشیدی پوهنتون جهان اعلام نموده است؛ این بورسیه ها برای اول نمره های صنوف که واجد شرایط باشند اعطا میگردد و همچنان برای دوم نمره الی پنجم نمره ۵۰ % فیصد تخفیف مد نظر گرفته شده است. بنا براین از واجدین شرایط تقاضا به عمل می آِید با اسناد لازمه آتی که عبارت ‌اند از:سافت عکس.اسکن تذکره.اسکن پاسپورت.اسکن شهادت نامه مکتباسکن اسناد و ت�