JAHAN UNIVERSITY offers the following scholarships for undergraduate students.
Shimla International University is one of the world’s popular universities that many people over all the world wish to study there. Based on the contract on March 2013, Shimla International University offers us 40 to 50 free scholarships for students of Jahan University.
Written test People who have excellent knowledge of English Language and can communicate fully through English International Language can attend the written test on specific day
Interview Only the shortlisted candidates after the written test will be notified for the interview inside the main campus of Jahan University with senior lecturers of the department, academic vice chancellor, students’ affair vice chancellor and chancellor of Jahan University.
Application Form The qualified candidates that their number can reach to 40 to 50 students will get the original application form of Shimla University online and after filling the form within the specific deadline send the forms to the specific email address of Shimla University.
Selection After reviewing the documents, Shimla University will contact by the selected candidates through email for the process of getting Visa from the embassy and then the process will be finished.
S# Expense type Price
1 University fee Free
2 Accommodation Payable up to 5000 monthly
3 Government fee 1000 USD (only once)
4 Library fee Free
5 Material fee Free
Note: The round trip is optional for the students whether they will have trips to their home or not. If yes, it will not be sponsored. AYDIN UNIVERSITY, INSTANBUL, TURKEY Jahan University offers full free scholarship to Aydin University of Turkey for the student who get the first rank in one educational year among all the students. At the end of each year, the top student of Jahan University is selected and offered full free education for continuing of his/her studies to Aydin University of Istanbul, Turkey.