It is an established fact that education plays a vital role in the survival and success of individuals as well as nations. In this modern age, no nation can progress without education. Our main source of inspiration: Islam, guides us towards the pursuit of knowledge and education. It is thus our duty to follow the golden principles of Islam, and excel in both the religious and the modern education. It is a source of great satisfaction that, by the grace of Almighty Allah, the university has progressed by gigantic leaps. It has gained a coveted position among the private universities of Afghanistan and is enjoying the trust and confidence of students and parents. Here, at the Jahan University Kabul, we are striving for excellence through hard-work, dedication, devotion and sincerity towards our goals. Your confidence in the university motivates us to keep working hard, and to provide you with the best possible educational environment. We have put all our efforts into providing a congenial environment to students for grooming them into capable professionals. The faculty, the administration and the management are committed to attain these goals. We believe that young people should have a say in shaping their destinies, we therefore help them to discover their potential, prepare for life and help make a positive impact on the world around them. The unusually high youth population of Afghanistan presents a wonderful opportunity for us to play a role in motivating young people to be passionate about rendering positive service to society, and make them be able to do so. Because real fulfillment for any person lies in service to his fellow human beings. We are headed for a future in which educational institutions will increasingly be judged by the quality of the education they provide, by the kind of people they graduate and by the way in which those graduates choose to lead their lives. And we at Jahan University have been striving constantly to meet these challenges.

Professor Abdul Hakim Norri

Chancellor, Jahan University

Chairperson, BoG Jahan University