Bachelor of Computer Science
We are living in the era of computer technology revolution. In fact there are revolutions that are taking place around us. Computer Science is the study of the theoretical..
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Management Science
نظر به اهمیت روز افزون علم اقتصاد در مواجهه و حل موضوعات افغانستان و جهان از قبیل رشد و توسعه اقصادی ، اشتغال و بیکاری ، تورم ، رفاه اقتصادی ، بهره برداری مطلوب از منابع طبیعی و امکانات اقتصادی
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Bachelor in Sharia
پوهنځی شرعیات برای استعداد های جویا نام و نشان مناسبی است تا این استعداد ها شکوفا شده و در راستای تحقق حاکمیت قانون مبتنی بر آموزه های اسلامی در کشور،افراد اگاه وباداشتن روز را به جامعه معرفی نماید
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Academic Programs

JAHAN has a sufficiently wide space with well – built class rooms that are equipped with LCDs, white boards, tribunes, chairs, tables and rest of

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Administartion Jahan University is famous for academic excellence. We pick the best and brightest students purely on their academic merit and passion for their chosen

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Students who are interested in studying at Jahan University, should fulfill the registration process for entering their desired fields. Students should have their registration forms

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پیام معاون امور محصلان

معاونیت امور محصلان یکی از بخشهای مهم و کلیدی در تشکیلات مؤسسۀ تحصیلات عالی جهان میباشد که بیشترین پیوند را با محصلان دارد؛ محصلان از ثبت نام برای شمول به پوهنتون گرفته تا فراغت از آن با این واحد کلیدی در ارتباط میباشند.

مؤسسۀ تحصیلات عالی جهان اکنون دارای …. محصل میباشد که در رشتههای مختلف در پوهنځیهای شرعیات، حقوق، اقتصاد و کمپیوترساینس مشغول تحصیل میباشند. همچنان مؤسسه دارای اتحادیۀ محصلان و در سطح پوهنځیها دارای انجمن محصلان میباشد.

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Research Strategy

Improving high-quality research is a necessary requirement for creating successful position in academic world. The main objectives of Research Department are: To build research careers,

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Admission Schedule

Jahan University is registered in ministry of higher education of Afghanistan, in the faculties of (Law and Political Science, Islamic law, economics and computer science)

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How to Apply

To enroll at Jahan University you need to follow the steps beneath: Application Guide will help prospective students in preparing an application for all programs

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به اساس تفاهم نامه های که میان پوهنتون جهان و پوهنتون های Symbiosis International (Deemed University) (VGU)Vevik Kananda Global Universityهندوستان به امضأ رسیده است که

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Research Blog

The vision for Jahan University’s future with regards to research will serve as a framework for the concrete direction in the area of research for the strategic plan 2017-2022 and will guide every aspect of research.

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It is an established fact that education plays a vital role in the survival and success of individuals as well as nations. In this modern age, no nation can progress without education. Our main source of inspiration: Islam, guides us towards the pursuit of knowledge and education.

We are headed for a future in which educational institutions will increasingly be judged by the quality of the education they provide, by the kind of people they graduate and by the way in which those graduates choose to lead their lives. And we at Jahan University have been striving constantly to meet these challenges.