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The board of Governors (BOG) is consisting of well-known educationists and policymakers. The board, headed by Chancellor, Jahan University, has representation from the ministry of higher education, ministry of telecommunication and ministry of education etc.,and the academia.

The internal affairs of Jahan University are taken care by Vice Chancellor Dr. Abdul Quddoos Norri, who is the administrative head of the university and Academic Vice Chancellor Prof. Khadim Hussain Rahimi, who is the academic head of university.

The heads performs his function as per the general policy guidelines of Jahan University, laid down by the BOG.

Members of Currently Board of Governors

Prof. Dr. Abdul Hakim Norri Chancellor, Jahan University Chairman, BoG Jahan University
Dr. Abdul Quddoos Norri Vice Chancellor, Jahan University
Prof. Khadim Hussain Rahimi Academic Vice Chancellor, Jahan University
Prof. Niamatullah Safi Registrar, Jahan University
Prof. Seerat
Prof. Khair-ul-Ahad Ghoori Dean, Faculty of Political Science
Mr. Zubair Shirzad Dean, Faculty of Management Science
Mr. Dilawar Dean, Faculty of Computer Science

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