Centre for IT Services

Centre for I.T Services provides the following Services to Students, Faculty Members and Research Scholars

1. IT and Internet Services

The IT infrastructure of Jahan University consists of a very large high-speed campus network, linked to overseas Internet, serving the information and computing needs of tens of thousands of users in teaching, learning, research, administration and personal communications.

All facilities, resources and services available over the Internet and Intranet are accessible by students and staff on the campus network, wired or wireless, locally or overseas. Teaching, learning and research are further facilitated by JUs rich online learning materials, collaboration tools and abundant online digital library resources.

We at the Centre for IT Services (CITS) manage the campus-wide IT infrastructure and facilitate access to all JU IT, learning and teaching resources. We also develop and manage e-services and applications, learning solutions and applications, and provide IT technical support to JU students and staff.

"To empower users with great e-services anytime anywhere"

We take pride in supporting schools, colleges, Institutes and departments, providing IT users with great experience by making things Easy and Friendly. Our e-services are accessible on campus allowing students and staff to always stay connected with the University and the world, anywhere, anytime!

2. Email Services

CITS provides email services to teaching and non-teaching staff to communicate electronically that can accessed globally.

3. Video Conferencing

CITS provides video conferencing facility which helps students, researchers and faculty to attend online lectures, seminars, conferences by connecting to local as well as to foreign universities. This facility is free to the University staff.

4. Wi-Fi network

CITS provide Wireless network access service which help students in the research and education with mobility.

5. IT Workshops

CITS arrange IT Workshop for students and employees which helps them to improve their technical skills.

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