Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Program Overview

We are living in the era of computer technology revolution. In fact there are revolutions that are taking place around us. Computer Science is the study of the theoretical and practical aspects of computer technology and computer usage. The main purpose of Jahan University BS computer science is to provide students with a durable foundation, with a comprehensive set of electives so that computer scientists can be produced. Computer science major attracts students who are interested in both the mathematical theory and technical applications of computer science. Most employers look for students who are good computer scientists but also understand the tools and techniques of mathematics, science and industry and are able to communicate effectively. Computer science covers a wide spectrum of areas within the field of computing, ranging from the theoretical to practical. Computer scientists can specialize in areas such as artificial intelligence, distributed systems, computer graphics, databases, human computer interaction and security.

It is a four years program consisting of eight semesters. The maximum duration for completion of this degree is twelve semesters. The degree is awarded on completion of minimum 132 credit hours, including six credits for the project, with a passing CGPA of at least 2.0/4.0.

Indeed for conducting the BS computer science program, we had to conduct another type of search within the Institute to ensure Jahan University is capable enough to conduct this program for which the following sources are effectively available to execute the program:

Mission Statement

The mission of the CS program is to provide high quality education in computer science that prepares students for professional careers and lifelong learning in developing / managing computational processes and systems, with emphasis on systems automation, information management, management of IT infrastructure and Intelligent Systems.

Program Educational Objectives

To meet the needs of our constituents, our Program Education Objectives state that within a few years of graduation our graduates will have:

Career Outcomes

Computer science is primarily concerned with information processes, the structure and procedures to represent them, and the systems for their implementation. Advancements in technology mean there is no shortage of need for computer scientists in today’s world. Training in computing and software development can take you to technical positions or open the door to many other careers, too. The following list provides some examples of positions a computer scientist might hold: Computer Programmer, Computer Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Information Systems Analyst, Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Data Communications Analyst, Programmer-Analyst, Telecommunications Specialist, Computer Security Specialist, Computer Support Specialist and Teacher. Graduate student critical thinking, analysis, research, and creative problem-solving skills are highly valued in a variety of fields.


Students are eligible for admission if they have passed their 12th grade school education and also passed the kankor entrance exam.

Course Details

The BS computer science program is made of 39 core courses and 4 elective courses with 132 credit hours. The core and elective courses of BS computer science program contains subjects related to computer sciences, engineering, humanities and mathematics. The details of the subjects are listed below in semester vise form:

Semester #1

S.#Course CodeSubject Namecredit Hrs
1CSC103Introduction to Computing3(3,0)
2CSC240Introduction to Programming - I3(2,1)
3CSC339Network Fundamentals3(3,0)
4HUM110Islamic Studies – I3(3,0)
6HUM200English Comprehension and Composition3(3,0)

Semester #2

S.#Course CodeSubject Namecredit Hrs
1CSC241Introduction to Programming – II3(3,0)
2CSC102Discrete Structure3(3,0)
3CSC340Network Administration3(3,0)
4HUM100Afghanistan History3(3,0)
5MGT104Principles of Accounting3(3,0)
6HUM111Islamic Studies – II3(3,0)

Semester #3

S.#Course CodeSubject Namecredit Hrs
1CSC242Object Oriented Programming3(2,1)
2CSC341Network Management3(3,0)
3CSC311Web Engineering – I3(3,0)
4MTH262Statistics and Probability Theory3(3,0)
5CSC271Database Systems3(3,0)
6HUM112Islamic Studies – III3(3,0)

Semester #4

S.#Course CodeSubject Namecredit Hrs
1CSC272Database Administration – I3(3,0)
2CSC211Data Structure & Algorithms3(3,0)
3CSC312Web Engineering – II3(2,1)
4MTH241Ordinary Differential Equations3(3,0)
5CSC342Network Security3(3,0)

Semester #5

S.#Course CodeSubject Namecredit Hrs
1CSC221Computer Organization and Assembly Language3(2,1)
2CSC536Artificial intelligence3(3,0)
3CSC291Software Engineering3(3,0)
4CSC2377Wireless Network3(3,0)
5EEE241Digital Logic and Design3(3,0)
6EEE121Electric Circuits and Analysis – I3(3,0)

Semester #6

S.#Course CodeSubject Namecredit Hrs
1CSC291Theory of Automata and Formal Languages3(3,0)
2CSC452Modern Programming Language3(3,0)
3CSC443Visual Programming - I3(2,1)
4CSC441Compiler Construction3(3,0)
5CSC322Operating System Concepts3(3,0)

Semester #7

S.#Course CodeSubject Namecredit Hrs
1CSC444Visual Programming – II3(3,0)
2*Computer Science Elective – I3(3,0)
3*Institutional Elective – I3(3,0)
4CSC667System Administration3(3,0)
5HUM443Research Study3(3,0)

Semester #8

S.#Course CodeSubject Namecredit Hrs
1CSC331Digital Image Processing3(3,0)
2*Computer Science Elective – II3(3,0)
3*Computer Science Elective – III3(3,0)
4CSC600Final Project3(4,2)

Message From the Dean of Faculty

Welcome to the Jahan University Kabul Afghanistan. Today, the region is a major industrial power in microelectronics, energy and power, manufacturing, transportation and other infrastructure technology. The Jahan University is the primary resource for engineering education in the Kabul region. Our mission is two-fold: generating technological innovations and developing engineering talent, drawn from the Kabul region and from the world. The Jahan University offers programs that lead to bachelor degrees in computer science disciplines. We also offer courses for working professionals to further their education, with some programs offered completely online. More than 75,00 students are enrolled in the Jahan University. The student body is diverse - 69 percent from Kabul, 20 percent from other parts of the Afghanistan, and 11 percent from International locations.

Jahan University faculties engage our students in making devices, solving problems, and creating innovations. On the university website one can find information on curricula, student projects and awards, research programs, and many other topics. With public support and private giving, the Jahan University has recently modernized its facility and expanded faculty expertise. The work of our faculty is gaining national recognition and our research and instructional initiatives are winning sponsorships. Jahan University is poised to become the premier engineering college in Portland, rising to a global status with deep regional impact.

Dean of Computer Science Faculty

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